Beautiful interior shutters
made to suit your home

Shutters are a great form of window dressing – low maintenance, they work for you throughout the year. In summer, your shutters will maintain privacy and shade, and in winter, they’ll add extra insulation with your glazing.
White interior window shutters, open

Made to measure for your windows

Every home is different and has different window requirements. That can be a problem, especially if you want all your windows to match. No such problems here! Every single shutter is made to measure, tailored for a snug fit against your windows. You can choose between 64mm, 89mm and 114mm slats, allowing you to pick your perfect balance of sunlight and shade.

Quality wood or vinyl to suit all situations

Our interior shutters are expertly crafted from a range of high quality woods and vinyls, designed to retain their beautiful appearance and functionality for the life of your home. These shutters are available in a range of styles and finishes so they never look out of place.
Exterior shutters and window box
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